Parma Urban District: A New Conception for the Mall in Milan designed by Mario Cucinella (IT)

Coopsette and Impresa Pizzarotti presented their new commercial center -Parma Urban District - planned by architect Mario Cucinella in Milan at EIRE 2010, at the Fiera Milano–Rho. SIP area's new design, located in Baganzola (Parma, near the Parma fair) deals with the wide area of this project (167,624 m²) and then with its inclusion in Parma's territorial division and in Pianura Padana's landscape.

PARMA URBAN DISTRICT-MCA_SIP_Boulevard_plan_and_section1

The majority of this new commercial development, Parma urban District, comprises an area of 115,900 m² and comprising a large mall, along with small, medium and large distribution stores and a hotel.

The archetypal ex-urban landscape, used for extracurricular activities, is now enriched with Cucinella's vision which implements a new agro-energy component, developed in collaboration with Studio LAND, Milano. The project intends to transform this unusual area, in order to return it to its previous conception of the characteristic landscape, with a somewhat a new interpretation of concepts and the value it contains for energy production. The intervention contains the introduction of a large and highly accessible mall near the Parma Fair.

The landscape and building design include a highly refined canal system and waterworks, which enrich the project's constantly varying, folding volume, breaking the classic permanence of the surrounding environment.

The majority of this new commercial development comprises an area of 115,900 m² and comprising a large mall, along with small, medium and large distribution stores and a hotel; the project represents an intervention of breaking with the existing form of the landscape while also maintaining a sense of continuity, implementing a series of formal strategies, a comprehensive management plan, and a strategy to exploit the accumulation of solar energy.

The new commercial type buildings will collect around a pedestrian boulevard, that functions as a link between a park and the Parma Fair, representing the true heart of the SIP area. Giorgio Di Tullio – anthropology, architecture and design expert – shows during his speech a Microsoft Videoclip about future Malls.

Di Tullio highlights that the Mall of the future shows an increasing gap between builders and endusers The general prediction is that the future realization of malls will stress the dynamic environments created through virtual reality, which function as a deeper detachment in relation to our spaces of daily life, similar to what was written by Cazzullo in his book "Outlet Italia".

In the opinion of Architect Mario Cucinella, the project for Parma Urban District might appear as a break in territory; it breaks, in fact, only the overwhelming dominance of the Padanian plain, on which territory this project will be built. Meanwhile Architect Cucinella has found much of his inspiration in the waterworks and rivers apart from existence of the standard green landscape, a distinguishing symbol of Parma and its Parco Du

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