Panattoni’s Industrial scheme in Cheb to provide 600 new jobs (CZ)

Panattoni Europe, leading industrial developer, actively operating on CEE market in the Czech Republic and Poland has entered the Cheb Industrial zone, where up to 600 people could find a job in due course. The companies Accolade and Panattoni, who are behind the planned investment, provided this information in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the industrial zone.

"Two industrial halls with superior quality equipment should be progressively built in Cheb. The tenant-occupancy will depend on the demand from investors. We have already registered several investors who are interested both in Cheb and in the neighboring industrial zone in Aš," says Milan Kratina, Managing Partner at the Accolade Group.

"Cheb is attractive for those who supply to end manufacturers in Germany. I expect that companies operating in the automotive or precision engineering industry will primarily be interested, but gates of our halls are, of course, open to all," continues Pavel Sovièka, the Managing Director of Panattoni Europe in the Czech Republic.

"We have eleven applicants for each single job in Cheb, that is in the whole area of the former district. Although this is the best result in the Karlovy Vary region, these statistics are not particularly pleasing. That is why we took an open approach to the Accolade Group plans, as we welcome everyone who wants to create new jobs in our area," says the Deputy Mayor of Cheb Tomáš Linda (Civic Democratic Party).

"Cheb is closer to key industrial centers in Bavaria than Plzeò, and it is also closer to Saxony than to Ústí nad Labem - that is why we are targeted towards potential suppliers to German companies," explains Pavel Sovièka. "Cheb is an excellent location, especially because of its available and well qualified labor force. In many cases, investors find Cheb more advantageous in comparison with Plzeò, the traditional center of West Bohemia, where the pressure on the labor market has gradually increased, and also due to an investment that we secured from the company Faurecia, which employs nearly one thousand people."

Panattoni Parks offer investors a significantly faster launch of their operation compared to competitive industrial zones in the Czech Republic. "In our parks, investors can launch their production within eight months after signing a contract. This process typically takes one and half years in the Czech Republic. This advantage, hand in hand with the excellent locations of the parks in our offer, strongly motivate investors to select our company," says Milan Kratina.

The Accolade Group in cooperation with Panattoni Europe offer their first seven industrial parks in strategic locations such as Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny - Rychnov nad Knìžnou, Plzeò but also Cheb and Aš. In the course of the last year alone, Panattoni Europe developed building industrial zones in the Žatec Triangle zone, in East Bohemia and in Central Bohemia. The company is currently working on the construction of a manufacturing facility for the company Faurecia near Plzeò. As soon as the plans of individual investors come to life, they will create several thousand new jobs in the Czech Republic, both in the manufacturing stage and during the construction of industrial parks.

Source: Panattoni

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