Panattoni starts work on another BTS facility for Neuca (PL)

Panattoni Europe, the leader in the industrial property market in Poland, has started construction on the additional 11,400 m² of warehouse space for Group Neuca. The new warehouse is a build-to-suit (BTS) facility and is being erected at Panattoni Park Poznan I in Gadki.

Panattoni Park Ozarow_facility Neuca

The BTS facility near Poznan is already the second project executed by Panattoni Europe for Group Neuca.

The facility under development for Neuca is a build-to-suit (BTS) logistics center, designed and developed to meet the special requirements of the pharmaceutical sector, as well as those stipulated by the customer.

The investment, comprising 10,000 m² of warehouse space and 1,400 m² of office space, satisfies high standards both in terms of formal requirements for the distribution of pharmaceuticals, as well as technology.

The technological standards include, for example, energy criteria – the walls will have high insulating properties. This stems from the necessity to maintain a controlled temperature, which for most products should not exceed 25 °C, while some products need to be kept at under 15 °C or under 8 °C, as specified by the manufacturer of a given pharmaceutical.

Interestingly, the warehouse building will feature two heights: 13 m and 10 m – the higher section will be used for storing products on pallets, whereas the lower section will include such applications as the sorting installation, goods storage on flat racks, cold store, stacker cranes or quality control stations. Because of the choice of solutions applied in the higher section of the warehouse and the characteristics of VNA trucks, the floor of the warehouse must meet not only formal requirements, like being washable and dustproof, but most of all those relating to surface stability and superior flatness – the elevation difference must not exceed 1 mm at the distance of 2 meters along the track.

"The pharmaceutical sector, particularly the wholesale of pharmaceuticals to pharmacies, where Neuca SA is Poland's leader, calls for reliable logistics. In order to allow for not only regular deliveries of pharmaceuticals to pharmacies, but also complementary deliveries, the number of loading docks for small vehicles was increased" said Robert Piàtek, vice CEO of Neuca SA.

Effectively, the facility will feature as many as 18 docks for vans and four docks for TIR trucks. The logistics center will be serving the northwestern and western Poland.

"The BTS facility near Poznan is already the second project executed by Panattoni Europe for Group Neuca, the first one being a warehouse under development at Panattoni Park Osarow near Warsaw.

"Both warehouses, totaling 30,500 m² of space, are twin investments meeting the customer's analogous requirements, serving their respective local markets," said Marek Foryñski, BTS Director, Panattoni Europe.

"The project called for not only executing the investment to the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical sector, but also providing the customer with strategic locations in both regions of Poland."

Panattoni Park Poznan I is a 154,000-m² d

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