Panattoni Europe increases investment plans €350 million for logistics facilities in Europe (UK)

The investment plan recently adopted by Panattoni Europe for the German market, worth €200 million, has just gone up with another instalment added. It amounts to €150 million, earmarked for new facilities development in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as selected projects in some other countries in the region. The plan may be expanded further by additional instalments, if market dynamics remain high and the supply-demand balance is maintained.
Robert Dobrzycki, Managing Partner Panattoni Europe reiterates that "Panattoni leads the market of logistics facilities in Poland and consistently improves its standing in the Czech Republic and Germany, capitalising on the fact that the center of gravity for logistics in Europe is and will remain in this part of the continent. The demand for modern logistics facilities is enhanced by the super-fast growth of e-commerce, continuing supply chain streamlining and general improvement of the economic outlook in Europe. The relocation of manufacturing processes from Western Europe to Central Europe, mainly to Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, is an additional factor which keeps these markets in very good condition".
The year 2014 is set to be a record-breaking one for Panattoni in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, where is 409 971 m² together under construction, including two facilities for Amazon. In Poland, the company is now developing 374,000 m² of modern logistics space, which reinforces its unparalleled leadership status in the market. The developer also tops the podium in terms of performance for H1 2014, when the company delivered 108,000 m² to the market (incl. 50,000 m² for Castorama Polska and 33,600 m² for Polaris), that is more than twice as much as the runner-up.
Panattoni Europe is also the only developer active in all market segments - from small buildings offering several thousand m² through to logistic centers with more than 120,000 m², such as the ones for Amazon. The facilities offered by Panattoni are leased or bought by their users and may serve a range of purposes - from traditional warehousing to special "tailor-made" and manufacturing applications. The company now manages a portfolio of logistics properties of 1,700,000 m², and the 2,000,000 m² threshold is set be crossed in the next few months.
Source: Panattoni

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