PAMERA signs lease extension to 2026 with dwpbank for premises in Frankfurt (DE)

PAMERA Asset Management GmbH has successfully agreed with Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG ('dwpbank') an extension, to 2026, of the lease of premises measuring around 23,000 m² in BBW Bürohaus Bockenheimer Warte, an office complex located at Wildunger Straße 14, 60487 Frankfurt am Main.


Built in 1998, the office complex consists of two buildings.

In March 2012, PAMERA became a co-investor of Tristan Capital Partners in the acquisition of BBW Bürohaus Bockenheimer Warte on behalf of Curzon Capital Partners III (CCP III), a fund advised by Tristan Capital Partners.

PAMERA is also responsible for asset management of the property, which measures almost 35,000 m² of leasable space in Frankfurt's Bockenheim district.

Built in 1998, the office complex consists of two buildings and has a total of 350 car-parking spaces. The larger of the two buildings, which houses around 27,000 m² of office space, is fully leased to dwpbank and asset manager Nomura. The second building has around 4,000 m² of office and retail space, all of which is leased to the KfW development bank, as well as 43 apartments.

Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG (dwpbank) regards itself as the market leader in German securities processing. With around 390 direct clients and a total of 1,500 connected institutions, almost three quarters of all Germany's banks use its securities process and system services. The transaction bank manages around 6 million securities accounts across the sectors.

Source: Pamera

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