OVG Real Estate and Bischoff & Compagnons establish OVG Bischoff (NL/DE)

The managing shareholders Coen van Oostrom (OVG) and Jürgen Bischoff (B&C) have founded 'OVG Bischoff GmbH' with registered offices in Berlin. The joint venture is specialized in the development of commercial real estate projects, particularly office buildings in Germany.

Experience gained in the Netherlands with regard to sustainable and innovative technologies for offices will provide a fresh impulse for the realization of commercial buildings in Germany

"In the Netherlands we are the leaders in development of buildings that are highly efficient and future-oriented and not only beautiful but affordable and environmentally responsible as well." explains Coen van Oostrom, CEO of OVG Real Estate.

"Now we will use our know-how to supply Germany with a new generation of office buildings. With Jürgen Bischoff we have found a partner who understands our mentality and our company culture. Together we will be able to react immediately to client requests and to the requirements of a highly dynamic market."

Jürgen Bischoff, managing shareholder of OVG Bischoff, explains: "We have been working together for two years with the OVG team on the HumboldtHafenEins project, which is recently let to PwC. During this cooperation we found that the experience and international character of both enterprises complemented each other very well, forming an ideal basis for a constructive, future-oriented, collaboration."

The firm is located in Berlin and will continue to cultivate the Bischoff & Compagnons Property Networks GmbH operating platform.

Source: OVG

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