OVG develops ambitious office scheme on the Zuidas for Deloitte and AKD (NL)

Dienst Zuidas and OVG Projectontwikkeling officially gave the green light yesterday (November 3, 2010) for the development of 40,000 m² of new offices for Deloitte and AKD on the Zuidas. With this Deloitte and AKD are investing in the future of the area and taking the next step on the further integration of their accommodation in the Netherlands. Alderwoman Gehrels of Economic Affairs congratulated the team on the start of the new development.

OVG impression_areal view Zuidas incl building Deloitte AKD

The new offices for Deloitte and AKD will open on the Zuidas in mid 2014.

Economic boost
According to Dienst Zuidas the coming of the Deloitte and AKD office to the Zuidas signifies a new stimulus for the area with regards to employment. It is also a confirmation of the fact that there is demand for high quality office locations like this, where universities and top businesses come together. Furthermore OVG sees a growing trend of clients in the offices market looking for buildings that will facilitate 'The New World of Work' for them. The office is gradually changing into a meeting place, at the center of which are themes such as connectivity and mobility. The new generation of employees is one that has grown up with working on the move, sustainability and social networks. The offices of the future will have to facilitate this in order to win in the search for global talent.

Integration of accommodation
The new offices for Deloitte and AKD will open on the Zuidas in mid 2014. For both companies this is the next move in the regional concentration of their accommodation. Combining the specialist expertise within one larger office intensifies the breadth and depth of the services for both organizations. OVG has already completed a assignment for these clients, namely the 'De Maastoren' office building in Rotterdam. The new building in Amsterdam will also be designed on the basis of high sustainability ambitions and the principles of 'The New World of Work'.

The best place to work
Deloitte and AKD's belief in the Zuidas as 'the best place to work' is due to the good accessibility, the closeness of public transport and Schiphol, the international orientation, the knowledge exchange with the university campus and the good business climate for employees in Amsterdam. Around 1,800 employees will start working in the building from 2014. Development of the Zuidas began more than 10 years ago and now, in addition to companies from the top segment, there is also housing and a diverse range of bars and restaurants. By 2030 the character of the area will be fully defined. The new Deloitte and AKD building will be situated right next to the new VU (Free University) campus on the motorway.

Glass architecture and energy efficiency
The building has been designed by the London architects Lee Polisano and Ron Bakker, both partners at PLP Architecture (formerly KPF Associates) in accordance with the ambitious BREEAM Excellent sustainability certification. This will make it one of the first buildings on the Zuidas to qualify for this classification. The design proves that with lots of glass you ca

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