Ostravica department store becomes fashion center (CZ)

Amádeus Real and Ostravica Fashion have acquired the traditional Ostravica department store at Ostrava's Dr. E. Beneše square and part of the surrounding properties. Amádeus will expand the total area of commercial units from the current 5,000 m² to nearly 26,000 m² of the highest quality, part of which will be intended for residence and offices. The new shopping center will likely start operations in late-2012/early-2013.


Ostravica is set for completion in late-2012/early-2013.

"Housing clearly belongs in one of the best addresses in Ostrava, its "Zlaté køíž" (Golden Cross). This we are planning for in the part facing the street "28. øíjna", in the upper floors," says Michaela Vyhòáková of Labartt Properties, which is handling the commercial letting of the Ostravica project. She adds: "However, the main function of the entire complex, sensitively repaired and renovated according to historical plans, will be retail. We want to combine shops with services and a wide variety of gastronomic choices to make Ostravica attractive for visitors to the city center at whatever hour."

The great advantage of the project is accessibility: there's a tram stop right at the new multi-functional center, the city's main mass transport routes lie in close proximity as does the Ostrava–støed railway station. The investor has also kept drivers in mind as 320 parking spaces in underground garages will be created. The new shopping center will likely start operations in late-2012/early-2013. Amádeus Real, the investor and developer, acquired ownership of all the key plots and despite the credit crunch has even secured financing. At the moment Amádeus Real, again in cooperation with Labartt Properties, is continuing in the construction of the Atrium shopping center in Hradec Králové, where the last units out of a total 6,500 m² remain to be let.

The conception of the new Ostravica shopping center rests on its past fame. The investors decided to revive the idea of a prestigious fashion center where foreign brands would complement no less interesting yet more affordable products of both established and starting designers and manufacturers from the Czech Republic and Poland. This will go hand in hand with thorough repair of the building's historical parts. An exceptional element will be grassed roof terraces designed by PROJEKTSTUDIO. The challenge of linking the old architecture with the new will also give rise to a grand glass atrium with an emphasis on existing greenery and natural daylight.

Both the investor and the architect were guided by the principle of achieving cost savings for clients and tenants. Modern, intelligent technologies will reduce operating costs to a minimum – for example in terms of energy consumption. Air circulation will also be sophisticatedly designed to allow visitors to feel completely natural in the shopping center without the negative impacts of air conditioning. On the whole it will be an environmentally friendly structure.

The logistics of the forthcoming multifunctional complex are designed to be as transparent as possible so as not to force the visitor to go through the entire center just to find what he or she is looking f

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