Orco Property Group launches new brand: MaMaison Hotels & Apartments (CZ)

Orco Property Group, leading developer, investor and asset manager in Central Europe, has decided to merge its hotel's divisions, MaMaison Residences and Orco Hotels Collection, under one brand - MaMaison Hotels & Apartments. As Orco continues to undergo internal reorganization, further unification of the company's corporate identity is expected.

"Our company no longer wanted to diversify its hotel products in terms of length of stay and others factors. We risked internal and external misunderstanding of both hospitality brands. MaMaison Hotels & Apartments fuses both these brands into one, contributing to overall simplification. We are doing our utmost to ensure that our logo is decent, and perfectly describes our luxury product offers in a memorable and remarkable manner," said Daniel Penet, Director of Sales and Marketing for MaMaison Hotels & Apartments.

Orco Property Group, which previously had operated its hotel products under two separate brands, now seeks to strengthen the emphasis on its marketing support for a single new dynamic brand. MaMaison Hotels & Apartments include two original divisions: MaMaison Residences, operating the unique collection of luxury apartment residences, and Orco Hotels Collection, covering luxury hotels.

Author of the new creative image is the advertising agency, Krídla. The new logo was created to faithfully describe the products and company philosophy. Two M's represent two groups of products explained by the words Hotels (standing for luxury and high levels of service) and Apartments (covering residences). The shape of the letters is reminiscent of an arc, which is supposed to symbolize the joining of all hotel products under one umbrella brand. The French word MaMaison originates from "mamma", which means home, conveying a feeling of warmth, safety, cleanliness and loyalty.

Apart from this new logo, the company also presents a new slogan, "Live differently, Be yourself at MaMaison …" which exactly defines the concept and orientation of the MaMason Hotels & Apartments products.

Source: Orco Group

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