Orangefield Group acquires DEUMAG (NL/DE)

The Orangefield Group recently acquired DEUMAG - Deutsche Immobilienmanagement GmbH, a leading German real estate management company.

This acquisition gives Orangefield a real estate presence in Berlin, Hannover, Munich and Frankfurt. In addition to domicile, administration and accounting, Orangefield can now provide property management services in Germany. The new division will officially operate under the Orangefield DEUMAG brand.

"We differentiate ourselves with an extensive professional network and advanced systems and technology. We understand market intricacies and know how to maximize real estate value in regulated jurisdictions" remarked Joep Bruins, CEO of Orangefield.

Orangefield DEUMAG takes pride in providing quick responses to all practical issues, ranging from rent collection, letting and energy management to handling urgent repairs. We manage residential property, office buildings, retail and shopping centers.

"We are excited about working closely with Orangefield's international clients. Whether we are helping an asset manager maximize the value of a €500 million property investment or fixing a tenant's leaking roof, we provide the best possible solution in a timely manner" added Bernhard Groth, Managing Director of Orangefield DEUMAG.

The Orangefield Real Estate Services division now consists of more than 100 specialists in 17 countries. Our experts communicate with clients in their language and on a personal level. For the convenience of our German business partners, Orangefield Group website is now also available in the German language.

Source: Orangefield

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