Opening of Parkas Outlet by Ogmios Group in Vilnius denies forecasts (LT)

Just in the beginning of this year the real estate experts forecasted no openings of shopping centers in Lithuanian this year, however, Parkas Outlet denied it, while Saulius Vagonis, the expert of Ober-Haus real estate company, appreciated the opening of the first outlet center in Lithuania as a foresighted step.

"This is the first project of such type in our country and I believe it shall be successful. Obviously it will be the target shop place for the businessmen intending to start the outlet activity. There are no other options and I hardly see any of them to appear. The efficiency of trade in the outlet center is much higher than operating a single shop. The outlet trend abroad served the purpose so I have no doubts about its acceptance in Lithuania," said S.Vagonis.

Refurbished and expanded Parkas Outlet was opened on 9 April. During the weekend it was visited by as many as 36.5 thousand people. It doubles the previous number of the center visitors.

All shops of Parkas Outlet exult over the growth of the turnover from 50% up to 150%. The attractive discounts offered by some shops resulted in the increase of their turnover over 400%. The major turnover was recorded in the shops offering wide range of goods. Apranga, Puma, Danija, Triumph rated among the most popular shops, though the customers willingly spent at Viggos x jeans, Audimas, Walking and Þygio batai outlets. "The banner results prove that the Lithuanians like the outlet concept – the outlets have seen crowds of customers during the weekend of the opening," says Rimantas Perveneckas, the Manager of the major cloth retail group Apranga.

Puma expanded the sales area in Parkas Outlet and opened the new parlour for the outlet of the international standards. "We are satisfied with the result and turnover. Our outlet attained over 14 thousand customers in the first days after opening and this stream was attracted by wide range of quality goods," states Ðarûnas Kulvietis, Baltics Region Sales Manager at Puma.

The customers of the first Triumph outlet were satisfied to find out that the highest quality underwear might be available at a reasonable price. "Lithuania is still in the early start for evolution of the outlet custom, however, the turnover of the first days shows that our customers were able to find what they were looking for," believes Danguolë Skuodytë, the representative of the company.

The advantage of Parkas Outlet shopping centre is the highest concentration of the major outlets trading in quality and original products. "This shopping center is established exclusively for outlets which means that prices here are always down up to 70 per cent, independent of promotion campaigns or seasonal sales-off," says Vida Minkðtimienë, the Manager of Parkas Outlet.

The managers of Estonian and Netherlands capital company BWT King, the owner of Walking footwear shop, see the results of the first days as great. "The results came up to our expectations. We had a sufficient delivery of goods intended specially for the opening" – explains Raminta Karanauskienë, the Manager of representative office of the company in our country.

Upon reconstruction the sales area of Parkas Outlet was increased by 5.3 thousand m². It attracted Apranga, the leader of the clothes retail in Lithuania and Baltics, to move its outlet to this shopping centre. The first official outlets in the renovated shopping centre were opened by the brands known in Lithuania and worldwide – Nike, CHAMPION, Triumph, Danija, Walking, Franco Feruzzi, Prima optika.

The reconstructed Parkas Outlet now hosts 54 outlets. Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Audimas, and Effigy have had their outlets before the renovation. The total area of Parkas Outlet is 24 thousands m². The shopping center of the outlets, managed by Ogmios group, is located at Ogmios Trade City in the North Town; which is all over a 100 thousands m² retail space and are developed by Ogmios group as well.

Source: Ogmios

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