Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate launches multilingual iForum on

OSCRE (Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate), a non-profit organization driving the development and adoption of e-business standards, is pleased to launch its multilingual iForum It is powered by CREOpoint, the online meeting point exclusively for Commercial Real Estate decision makers worldwide.

This online hub in 13 languages will provide OSCRE and CREOpoint members and visitors with a constant stream of filtered news, intelligence and collaborative solutions for seamless real estate information processing and electronic commerce.

Visitors will follow what's being said about OSCRE, green leases, IWMS, occupancy, facility management, and property investment software, portfolio information exchange and investment performance improvement. CREOpoint's proprietary data mining engine uniquely aggregates the online buzz about commercial real estate and filters over 10,000 property-relevant sources including press feeds, blogs, Twitter, bookmarking sites and major social networks.

The OSCRE iForum will be open to the public, and include videos with user ratings, member posts and questions, a comment wall, a directory of OSCRE members and specifications, new interoperability initiatives, private messaging, scheduling and polling. Vetted CRE professionals will be able to post questions and share insights.

Stephen Spooner, Executive Chairman of OSCRE International said: "OSCRE only exists to bring improvements to real estate professionals and businesses around the world. CREOpoint offers relationships with influential people in 50 countries. Their online network reach and impact enables us to spread our message in multiple languages and see where the needs are, irrespective of geography.

"More than ever before, CRE professionals need timely intelligence to make well-informed decisions. This partnership with CREOpoint is an excellent way to reach out to important players and foster productive real-time conversations among OSCRE members, directors, staff and friends worldwide.

"I am looking forward to leveraging the power of online networks to fast track improvements in open standards, transparency and efficiency in the property industry."

JC Goldenstein, Founder and CEO of CREOpoint, said: "We are very pleased to join forces with OSCRE and be of service to its Executive Members, including leaders like ARGUS Software, CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, ING, IPD, MRI Software, Real Foundations, RICS, The Crown Estate, TIAA-CREF, and Yardi Systems.

"Commercial real estate professionals don't know what's around the corner and want valuable intelligence about key issues like green tech and real estate investment performance. They also want best in class networking without wasting time. Conference and travel budgets have been cut, making the interactive web a medium of choice for building business relationships.

" will enable CRE professionals to accelerate collaboration and transactions across markets. We look forward to working with OSCRE and its Members to help transform real estate as an asset class."

Source: CREOpoint

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