One New Change pioneers world's smartest energy technology (UK)

Land Securities last week revealed the world's most advanced renewable energy technology to heat and cool One New Change, the City's new shopping destination, to the UK's Climate Change Minister Greg Barker.

One New Change - Overview from St Paul's

The pioneering technology helps One New Change meet its renewable energy targets while serving its different occupiers.

Underneath the City's prime shopping and leisure center, 60 km of pipework – enough to wrap around the London Eye 140 times – will both warm and cool the building in the most environmentally friendly way by transferring heat efficiently to and from the ground itself and two water wells 150 m below the surface.

The sustainable energy system is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by at least 10% and could save £300,000 (approx. €352,000) on energy bills a year. The groundbreaking technology will help achieve Land Securities' target to reduce its carbon emissions by 30% by 2020 for its properties and deliver on the Government's objective to create a low carbon economy.

As the UK's largest commercial property company, Land Securities leads by example continuously seeking to deliver the most sustainable and superior construction and design solutions. Land Securities has been pioneering the use of ground temperatures and ground water on some of its buildings over the last seven years. The ability to use technology at a scale needed for One New Change was made possible by working with Geothermal International and its groundbreaking energy system.

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said: "One New Change has set its sights on being the most innovative shopping destination in the City, so it's no surprise it has installed the latest state-of-the-art energy efficient heating system. This is British innovation at its best, using the earth's natural resources to solve our energy needs. Extracting warmth from the ground underneath London will help save on the building's heating bills and will cut carbon."

Land Securities' Chief Executive Francis Salway said: "We are proud to be pioneering this highly advanced renewable energy system at One New Change. The shopping and leisure destination is transforming the City of London and now with this technology we hope to transform the way the industry designs and builds properties.

"The renewable energy system will deliver carbon reductions, cost savings and a comfortable work environment, making it a truly sustainable building of the future."

Geothermal International's Marketing Director Patrick Sherriff said: "Geothermal International is delighted that Greg Barker has officially switched on the state of the art ground source heating and cooling system at One New Change. Today is the culmination of a three-year project, working closely with Land Securities and building partners to design and install one of the most sophisticated ground source heating systems in the world. The foundations of the building where geothermal pipes have been inserted in the piles as well as water from a natural aquifer provide a heating and cooling source for the building. An intelligent

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