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Looking Back on Mipim 2010, Cannes, France, 16-19 March 2010

At MIPIM 2010 we were joined by over 18,000 people; a swarming sea of suits in perpetual motion, propelled forward by anticipation, adrenalin and attitude. Luckily not so over-crowded as a few years before. Companies this year mainly brought top-executives to MIPIM. Cannes' alluring charm and high-street boulevard by the sea provide the backdrop for wheeling and dealing crowds, milling about outdoors while even more business takes place within the labyrinth of the Palace of Festivals offering a myriad of opportunities spread over five floors. The burning questions to be answered, what's happening in the recovery? Where to invest? What to avoid? What's on the horizon for new developments? Find below our take away's.
By Marinus Dijkman, Editor in Chief, Real Estate Publishers (REP)


REP's regular booth held its usual spot in the middle of the main alley of Mipim.

Real Estate Publisher's (REP) team (visiting Mipim for the 11th time) was comprised of Connie Moser, Senior Editor, Willem Kars, Marketing & Branding Director, Michiel Foekens, Sales Manager, Fransien Plugge, Marketing & Distribution and me, Marinus Dijkman.

REP distributed over 3,000 copies of the new Europe Real Estate Yearbook 2010 (7th edition) and Belgium Real Estate Yearbook 2010 (5th editon). People who missed this opportunity to get a 'free example: in return of a business card' or found them to heavy to carry on the plane, can go to your local bookstore or order those extensive information sources or any other of the REP yearbooks or research reports on: www.europe-re.com/bookstore.

On the broad stroke on this Mipim 2010, three things stood out.
- The recovery, - sustainability, and the pressing need for affordable housing.
Here are some of snaps & sound bites.

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