On the Road with REP

By Bernd Struben, Senior Editor, REP (Real Estate Publishers)

At the CoreNet Global Summit,
Berlin, 21-23 September, 2008

The Productivity Puzzle
This year the CoreNet Global Summit was held at the expansive and remarkably efficient InterContinental Hotel in Berlin, bringing together more than 300 corporate professionals to examine effective solutions to corporate real estate challenges with a specific focus on maximizing productivity and success. The event was a huge hit and provided ample networking opportunities for the delegates, including educational tours of the city and a lavish gala dinner held at the baroque 17th century Schloss Charlottenburg palace.

Prentice Knight, CEO, CoreNet Global

Galadiner at Schloss Charlottenburg Palace

Thomas Glatte, Head
of Corporate Real
Estate Management, BASF

Redefining the work environment
The summit was opened by Thomas Glatte, Head of Corporate Real Estate Management, BASF, and CoreNet's Chapter Chair for Central Europe. He explained that in today's fast changing world, with economic growth in Europe slowing while energy and material costs are rising, increasing productivity is key to any company's success.

The Berlin summit was intended to help the delegates and their companies solve business issues.
Increasing productivity was referred to as today's 'Holy Grail' and in this decade of talent, "supporting and promoting employees' productivity levels should top every corporation's agenda". Effectively addressing this issue mandates embracing the needs of the upcoming generation while continuing to support older workers, creating engaging environments both in and outside the workplace, and utilizing every means possible to enhance individual workers abilities to produce and innovate.

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