OMA commission at old brewery site in Copenhagen (NL)

The Realdania Foundation of Denmark has announced their commission of The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) for a new project in the city centre of Copenhagen. The project is to be cited on a 12,000 m² block in the historical location of the Port of Copenhagen, the Bryghusgrunden, across from ‘The Black Diamond’ Royal Library and the National Parliament.

Bryghusgrunden Site in Copenhagen

OMA Partner, Rem Koolhaas said “for us, what is unique about this project is that we have the ability to classify the project before it begins.” He continued “It is unusual for the architect to be able to define the project from the beginning but with collaboration between our think-tank, AMO, and our clients we are able to establish the programming and use of the site.”

It is anticipated that the new building will house exhibition spaces for the Danish Architecture Centre and Realdania Foundation’s head office as well as residential,

commercial and entertainment venues. It is intended that by creating open areas and public space more life will be brought to the Bryghusgrunden.

”We are delighted that [OMA] accepted the project. In our opinion they have the expertise to create a dignified conclusion for the historic site which incorporates Bryghusgrunden. And they will do this in a modern language which respects both historic and modern urban life,” says the Realdania CEO, Flemming Borreskov, and he adds that “…OMA are also known to select only projects where they can feel that they can make a personal and marked difference. For them, it is not the number of projects that counts. Therefore we are even more pleased that they have chosen Bryghusgrunden”.

Flemming Borreskov stresses that,”We are at the start of a long planning and projecting phase and initially we only have an architect – there is no concrete project. Therefore there remain many unanswered questions, including development of the playground and the open areas for children and adults”.

The project will be lead by OMA Partners Rem Koolhaas and Ellen van Loon whose previous collaborations include The Netherlands Embassy in Berlin, Germany, Casa da Música in Porto, Portugal and the Cordoba Congress Centre in Spain. OMA Associate, Chris van Duijn, whose project list includes the Universal Studios Headquarters, the Prada Epicenters in New York and Los Angeles and the interiors of the Seattle Public Library, the House in Bordeaux (France) and Casa da Música (Portugal) will lead the project team.

The Design phase will begin shortly and the building is due to open in 2010.

Source: OMA

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