NUMISMA extends 9,000-m

The NUMISMA Funds, managed by Manchester-based McCafferty Asset Management Ltd., recently extended the anchor lease of a 20,000-m² retail park in Weissenfels, near Leipzig, Germany with Kaufland until 2028.

The lease extension was negotiated by McCafferty's partner Voelkel Company Asset Management GmbH & Co KG which is instructed with the asset and facility management of the German NUMISMA properties. As part of the lease extension the property will be fully refurbished to the latest Kaufland design.

Christian Bodtke, Investment Director at McCafferty commenting: "The extension of the anchor lease of the Weissenfels retail park proves the good long term perspective of this location close to Leipzig in East Germany and provides long term security to the investor."

Dirk Voelkel, Managing Director of Voelkel Company adds: "Negotiations with Kaufland have been tough but very professional and we are delighted to strengthen the bond with a key tenant of the NUMISMA portfolio. Currently, we are in discussion about a lease extension at one of the other five units within the portfolio."

NUMISMA also let a 1,650-m

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