Number of deals at PNK-Vnukovo Industrial Park continues to grow (RU)

Another class-A warehouse totaling 13,200 m² has been sold at industrial park 'PNK-Vnukovo'. The buyer is one of the largest retailers in Russia. S.A. Ricci was involved in the structuring of the deal. Construction on the warehouse is due to be finished by the beginning of August 2012.

Class-A warehouses at PNK-Vnukovo industrial park are one of the most sought-after products on the Russian industrial real estate market: the average interval between new deals at PNK-Vnukovo is one month. Recent acquisitions have been made by large companies specializing in footwear and alcohol retail, including TsenterObuv, and PRV Group, one of the largest food retailers in Russia.

"The new deal is further evidence that trade and production companies are ready today to invest in the development of their own highly effective logistic infrastructure," said Dmitriy Gerastovskiy, Head of Warehouse Real Estate Department of S.A.Ricci.

"Many companies are ready to buy objects in the phase of construction with the due period of six to nine months. Of course, the reputation of a developer plays a crucial role. The occupation of PNK Group objects even during the crisis was close to 100%."

According to CEO of PNK Group Oleg Mamaev the demand for PNK Group product doesn't depend on the short-term market trends.

"Warehouses are a necessary tool with a direct influence on business efficiency. The crisis was the time when customers learned to evaluate the efficiency of a warehouse: exploitation costs, turnover speed and so on. While consumer expertise becomes better, and with more attention to detail, the demand for our objects grow as well.

"In order to satisfy this demand this year we are going to launch two new industrial parks of around 700,000 m². Our new plants of European building materials will provide a necessary base for such growth," added Mamaev.

The total area of NK-Vnukovo is about 308,000 m². The first phase of 76,000 m² was turned over for operation in December 2011. The completion of the project is planned for Q3 2012.The industrial park is situated in 19 km from MKAD at the Kiyevskoye and Borovskoye highway.

Source: PNK Group

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