NSI refinances full outstandings with Deutsche Bank (NL)

NSI N.V. (NSI) has refinanced its full outstandings with Deutsche Bank. The in 2012 and 2013 maturing debt of €121 million in total has been extended until 2015 and 2016.

NSI has now virtually covered its 2012 maturities. The discussion on refinancing of the remaining 2% maturing debt in 2012 is in progress. The arrangement covers 19% of NSI's 2013 refinancing requirements.

Daniël van Dongen, NSI's CFO: "Extending the average duration of our loan portfolio and addressing upcoming maturities well before expiration is one of our key priorities. I am pleased that we can announce another significant refinancing arrangement, this time with Deutsche bank, a longstanding financing partner.

"In total, NSI managed to refinance 40% of its total outstanding Dutch debt of €863 million in only six months' time, advancing the remaining average maturity of our loan portfolio to 2.7 years."

Source: NSI N.V

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