Noppen to host Russia Retail Property Development Summit on November 27-28 in Moscow (RU)

A new movement is gaining momentum with the construction of new shopping centers burgeoning in Russia, attracting giants, both local and global, from the retail real estate industry looking to acquire their market share in Russia. Moscow is leading the way thanks to high demand among commercial real estate investors, with REITs setting the trend for out-of-town retail spaces.

In a recent survey, global investors voiced that Russia is more striking than Europe with promising real estate investment and 87% of companies are looking at Russia as an attractive investment for properties.

Keeping this in perspective, some of the major issues to be addressed at the 2013 event are:

- General Outlook and Status of the Retail Property Market in Russia

- Benchmarking Shopping Concepts and Their Feasibility in the Russian Market

- A look at Retailers` Activity and Forecasting Tendencies

- Creating Retail Concepts to Service the New Generation of Customers

This Summit will give delegates access to networking sessions, panel discussions, one-to-one business meetings where the manufacturers can meet the top leaders and potential clients and an opportunity to showcase the latest equipment and technology.


For more information, please contact:

Bobiya Thomas

Marketing Communications

+91 804333 4014

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