Nick van Ommen and Corina Sylira new members for the Board of Directors of Babis Vovos (GR)

A new Board of Directors was appointed for a 5 year term during BVIC's Annual General Meeting on the 29th of July 2006. The composition of the Company's new Board of Directors, following its assembly the same day, is as follows: 1. Charalampos Vovos - Chairman (Executive), 2. Thaleia Vovos - Vice Chairman (Executive), 3. Armodios Vovos - Chief Executive Officer (Executive), 4. Evangelia Asimakopoulos - Member of the Board Executive), 5. Triada Vovos - Member of the Board (Non Executive), 6. Nick van Ommen - Member of the Board (Non Executive - Independent), 7. Corina Sylira - Member of the Board (Non Executive - Independent).

The two new independent and non-executive members of the Board of Directors are:
Nick Van Ommen who has been the CEO of the European Public Real Estate Association since May 2000. EPRA's stated mission is to promote, develop and represent the European public real estate sector. EPRA's members include the majority of the leading real estate companies and investment institutions in Europe. Prior to that he was employed as Managing Director in the banking, venture capital and asset management sectors of the financial industry for 23 years. He is an independent member of the Board of Directors of PSP Swiss Property, and Pirelli Real Estate Fund Management, as well as the Supervisory Board of IVG Immobilien.

Corina Sylira, who is a vice president at DVB Bank AG specialising in corporate finance. She has almost 10 years of accumulated experience in the banking sector having held the position of associate at JP Morgan Chase in London in M&A, and that of analyst at Ergasias Bank, amongst others.

Charalampos Vovos, Chairman of BVIC comments:
"We are delighted to welcome these two distinguished new members to the Board. Their appointment further strengthens our strong corporate governance. Their depth and breadth of experience will contribute to the strategic decision making process ensuring the continued growth of the Group."

Source: Babis Vovos

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