Niam Fund III buys most of Actas commercial holdings in Sweden (SE)

In one of the largest transactions on the Nordic real estate market this year, Swedish based Niam Fund III acquires the major part of Acta Kapitalförvaltning's commercial property holdings in Sweden. The purchase price for the complete property portfolio amounts to approximately €400 million.

Five commercial properties with a total area of 135,000 m² are being sold to the property fund Niam Fund III. The properties are located in the inner city area of Stockholm and in Lund. They include the famous Dagens Nyheter skyscraper, which is a Stockholm landmark, and the Electrolux head office. Other well-known tenants in the properties are Ericsson and the national social insurance agency.

"We are very pleased with this acquisition," says Per Johannesson, Managing Partner at Niam. "These are properties positioned in competitive locations, of a high standard and with well-known tenants."

Source: Niam

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