New Senior Executives in Castellum (SE)

The present CEO Lars-Erik Jansson of Castellum will retire at the year-end and the present deputy CEO Håkan Hellström has been appointed new CEO by the Board of Directors from January 1, 2006.

Following the above changes Henrik Saxborn has been appointed new deputy CEO with responsibility for business development. Henrik Saxborn will enter his new position in the beginning of 2006. He presently holds a position as Managing Partner in Niam AB with
responsibility for property acquisitions and marketing of Niam's real estate funds.

Further more these following changes will take place at the year-end. Ulrika Danielsson, the present Controller has been appointed Director and Head of Accounting and the present Treasurer Anette Engström has been appointed Director and Head of Treasure.

The present Managing Director of the subsidiary Fastighets AB Brostaden Nils Pers will after 11 years as MD leave the company and move on to other activities. Anders Nilsson, presently Real Estate Manager in the company, has been appointed new Managing Director from February 1, 2006.

The new Senior Executives will from 2006 be Håkan Hellström, Henrik Saxborn, Ulrika Danielsson and Anette Engström together with the Managing Directors of the subsidiaries; Tage Christoffersson, Eklandia Fastighets AB, Bengt Arne Johansson, Fastighets AB
Briggen, Claes Junefelt, Fastighets AB Corallen, Claes Larsson, Aspholmen Fastigheter AB, Anders Nilsson, Fastighets AB Brostaden and Christer Sundberg, Harry Sjögren AB.

Source: Castellum

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