New orders for BWG Homes May 2009 (NO/SE)

BWG Homes ASA secured a total net order intake of NOK 282.4 million (approx. €29 mln.) during May 2009 compared with NOK 259.5 million for May 2008, an increase of 8.8%.

The net order intake in May for 'Segment Norway' was NOK 144.0 million (NOK 135.8 million), up 6.1%. The net order intake in May for 'Segment Sweden' was NOK 138.4 million (NOK 123.7 million), up 11.9%.

The total net order intake in May 2009
BWG Homes ASA: NOK 1,273.7 million, down 4.4%, Segment Norway: NOK 716.5 million, up 8.8%, Segment Sweden: NOK 557.1 million, down 17.3%.

Source: Hugin

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