New lettings totaling 14,000 m² at THE SQUAIRE (DE)

Having realigned its marketing effort in 2010, THE SQUAIRE – located right at the hub of Frankfurt Airport – achieved a total take-up of 14,000 m² through new lettings in recent months.

Signings included several leases for office space at a rent rate of €30/m² or more. In addition, around 500 m² in retail space was let. This brings the total let area up to more than 93,000 m², while the occupancy rate now stands at roughly 66%. Negotiations for another 20,000 m² have progressed to an advanced stage.

On January 3, 2011, Arthur D. Little, a globally active corporate consulting firm, became the first office tenant to move into the building. By February 1, 2011, the event and marketing agency Welldone was able to move in, too. The coming weeks will see the arrival of new tenants in quick successions. This goes to show that the New Work City concept is helping to open up THE SQUAIRE step by step. Even outsiders are now welcome to form their own idea of THE SQUAIRE. After all, the beginning of the year also saw the opening of the large West Atrium, making it the first area to become accessible to the public and to visitors.

The new tenants for the building's floor space include Arthur D. Little, Bilfinger Berger, the HR consultancy firm of Hofmann Consultants, the globally active automotive supplier Nemak with its European head office, Plug and Work, the operator of the Business and Conference Center, and Welldone, among others. Even before moving in, office anchor tenant KPMG rented another 3,000 m². In face of the high demand for meeting rooms, conference facilities and satellite offices at THE SQUAIRE, Plug and Work stocked up its floor space from around 2,400 m² to now 3,100 m².

"The tenants are aware of the added value that the building would imply for their head office, and thereby confirm the soundness of the unique usage concept," emphasized Christoph Nebl, Managing Director of THE SQUAIRE and in charge of letting management.

"Together with the location's mobility benefits, the New Work City concept emerged as the decisive factor in all letting negotiations," Nebl elaborated.

"New Work City is an entirely different working environment that consistently helps those who work here to achieve their corporate objectives by contributing time savings and optimal networks. The idea is to create a performance-optimized and stimulating working ambience.

"After all, the working ambience will have a decisive influence on staff contentment and motivation, and thus on the productivity of a given company. This makes THE SQUAIRE with its New Work City working environment a ground-breaking concept in Europe," stressed Dr. Kerstin Hennig who is responsible for the marketing concept and overall communications of THE SQUAIRE.


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