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10 YEARS Realised Works

For an architect not yet 50 years of age, Erick van Egeraat's achievements are remarkable. Despite his career spanning several decades, offices of his firm in Rotterdam, Budapest, London, Prague and Moscow, and more than 100 employees, Erick van Egeraat's mind is increasingly on expansion, but most prominently on his quest for 'sensual and intuitive architecture'.

This book is a celebration of the work of Erick van Egeraat and his firm EEA, over the past 10 years. It includes commercial and product design, presented in the eclectic style that characterizes the work of this major force in contemporary European architecture.
Often controversial, Erick van Egeraat's work challeneges established notions of architectural process, but always with an emphasis on practicality, albeit with a high proportion of 'art', in order to produce an innovative but attractive architecture. Much more than just a digest of completed works, this highly personal book includes Erick van Egeraat's own commentary on each project, adding a rare and valuable insight into the processes that engender his work.

In his exceptional introduction to the book, international architecture critic Philip Jodidio explores the earlier career and influences of Erick van Egeraat, and explains their roles in his developments as an architect, while examining the impact of a number of influential projects.

Erick van Egeraat's oeuvre is superbly summed up by Philip Jodidio:

'The real interest of Erick van Egeraat's architecture is not to be found in the description of any given building, nor in situating him in relation to other architects of his own generation, it is rather in the path that takes this architect back to the fundamentals: commodity, firmness and delight. Public reactions to his work are always positive, not as he has taken an easy "populist" approach to his work, but because he is speaking a language of the common sense that we all understand in front of a building. Does it stand up, does it fulfil its purpose? Of course, but more, it incorporates once again the fundamental third quality so often set by the wayside in contemporary architecture - delight. The public intuitively understands an architecture that revels neither in deconstructed aggression nor in minimalist blandness. Erick van Egeraat's work is bold, new and right because it is anchored in the fundamentals that will always serve to judge the art of architecture.'

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ISBN: 1-86470-131-5, 256 pp., full color illustrations, March 2006, 300x223 mm, €59.50

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