New HQ for Zapp in Romania (RO)

Zapp, one of the main players on the Romanian telecommunications market, will move to new headquarters next spring. The telecom operator has rented 10,000 m², in a transaction brokered by Eurisko. The new space is located in two of the largest office projects launched this year: S.Park and Sema Parc. The rented surface area is subject of three contracts, with only a part from the entire 10,000 m² to be occupied immediately.

The company will have its headquarters in S.Park, the project jointly developed by Romanian company ACMS and the Dutch developer ING Real Estate, in Bucharest's central-northern area, near Casa Presei Libere.

Zapp rented here 2,400 m², namely half of the fifth floor of the business center. „Zapp has gained a foothold on the telecom market through state-of-the-art technologies provided to its customers and, for the new headquarters, it could only go for the best, as well," says Catalina Jigman, manager of Eurisko's Office Department. „The complex is erected on a steel structure, mainly using granite and glass inserts. Water curtains on glass surfaces, natural lighting for the alley pavement, contemporary art sculptures and wooden benches outside are just some of the elements that made a difference and determined the telecom operator to choose S.Park," the Eurisko official added.

The project includes four parallel buildings, transversally joined, thus forming two interconnected letters „H". When it is completed, the modern business center will have a net surface area of 30,000sqm, distributed on eight levels, with two underground levels destined to be parking lots. The complex will thus be able to entice its tenants with more than 400 underground parking spots, clearly exceeding the average number of parking facilities currently provided on the market.

At this point, almost half of S.Park is already been contracted. Dutch bank ING is the main tenant, with 9,400 m², whereas law firm CMS Cameron McKenna has rented 2,100 m².

For its „call-center" operations, Zapp chose Sema Parc, where it rented 7,600 m². Sema Parc is the largest real estate development announced this year and will comprise an office area, a retail area and a residential area, all three spreading on 42 hectares. The business park will include three types of buildings: city buildings for the facade, courtyard buildings and pavilion buildings. The first stage of the project will see the construction of two buildings totaling 49,500 m². Zapp will be the main tenant of the courtyard building. „Sema Parc is likely to become the business park of choice for the companies operating on the IT and telecom market. Its location near the student campus, close to the workforce targeted by these companies, and easy access to public transportation are two of its main advantages from this point of view," says Florin Tirla, senior broker with Eurisko's Commercial Department and the consultant of this particular transaction.

Source: Eurisko

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