NEINVER showcases seven new projects at MAPIC (FR)

NEINVER, one of the leading European real estate companies focused on real estate development, asset management and fund management, is attending the International Market for Retail Real Estate (MAPIC) from 17-19 November in the French city of Cannes.

NEINVER will showcase its 2010-2012 projects, consisting of 166,800 m² in seven new retail centres that the company is developing all around Europe, and which strengthens its leadership position in the European market.

Joining a new market: France
NEINVER continues its European expansion and joins the French market by implementing two new projects: Roppenheim The Style Outlets and Honfleur The Style Outlets. NEINVER, in partnership with MAB, is building two outlet centers in France, which serve as the starting point of its strategy to compete across the French market.

The first center, Roppenheim The Style Outlets, will be located in the Alsace region, on the French- German border, which has over 8.4 million upscale consumers and receives 27 million tourists from areas such as Baden-Württemberg and the Black Forest. The outlet center will account for 27,200 m² Gross Leasing Area (GLA), and around 106 top designer stores. The architectural style of the complex combines the traditional fortification of an Alsace village, with wide open spaces and state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly architecture. It is scheduled to be opened during the final quarter of 2011.

The second one, Honfleur The Style Outlets, situated in Normandy, is part of the future entertainment and leisure complex at Honfleur. It is designed along sustainable architecture lines and blends in with the surrounding hills. Moreover, Honfleur The Style Outlets has received a MAGDUS award for the best scheme in its category in Europe. The outlet center will cover 18,000 m² GLA with 100 top designer stores. The 4.8 million potential shoppers for this outlet will be able to visit from summer 2012 onwards.

Consolidation of current markets
Another of NEINVER's main objectives is to strengthen its foothold and continue growing in the markets where it operates; it currently has 5 new retail schemes underway in Spain, Poland and Portugal.

One of NEINVER's flagship projects for 2011 is Factory Coruña, which will be the company's fifth outlet center in Spain. Located in Concello de Culleredo, 9 Km from the city of A Coruña and 2 Km from the international airport, Factory Coruña will be visited by over 1 million potential customers. This project, which will open in spring next year, with 76 stores distributed in 12,600 m2 of GLA, is the first outlet center in this region. Besides, Factory Coruña is the first Breeam Europe Retail certified project in Spain, which means that its design and construction comply with rigorous sustainable architecture standards.

NEINVER is also strengthening its presence in Portugal through its new center Algarve The Style Outlets. This is NEINVER's second outlet in Portugal, which will be located in the main tourist resort of the country, only 12 Km from Faro. More than a million and a half potential customers will be able to visit the center from the final quarter of 2012 onwards. The design is Mediterranean-style architecture and the 23,000 m2 GLA comprises wide open spaces, terraces, chill-out areas and top national and international brand names at 120 stores.

NEINVER was the first to introduce the outlet concept in Poland and is currently the market leader there. Moreover, Poland continues to be a key strategic country for NEINVER where the group has three new retail schemes underway.
Factory Krakow.

NEINVER is building its fourth outlet center in Poland on the outskirts of Krakow, the third biggest city in the country and a major tourist destination. Thanks to an environmentally friendly design, the 22,000 m2 of GLA, including 120 stores and 1,200 parking spaces, blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings. Besides, the new outlet center will be part of the Shopping and Leisure Center Krakow Fu

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