NEINVER generated more than 17,000 jobs in Europe in the last six years (ES)

NEINVER, a European property company specializing in retail space, which focuses its business on property development, asset management and fund management, has created more than 17,000 jobs in Europe in the last six years, directly or indirectly, by developing 300,000 m² of Gross Leasable Area (GLA) and setting up new teams in the countries into which it recently expanded.

At a time when the economy and job market are particularly troubled, NEINVER is one of the few companies in the property sector that has made steady progress in creating new job openings.

In Spain, NEINVER has generated more than 4,800 jobs between its two latest projects in this country: Alegra in Madrid and Coruña The Style Outlets in Galicia.

And the NEINVER Group acts as a major economic driving force in the regions where it develops its properties. The opening of each new center involves improvements to the area's communication and power supply infrastructures. Creating wealth and reviving the economy of towns near the centers are part of the value proposition that the NEINVER Group offers the market.

And in this process, NEINVER is committed to local hiring, working closely with local employment institutions to train people who are out of work. Since 1997, NEINVER has run an ongoing education program aimed at training future employees of its centers in the retail sector.

At present, NEINVER has five new development projects underway in Spain, Poland, France and Portugal, which will directly or indirectly generate about 11,400 jobs. Along with development of new centers and expansion of existing ones, this will let the company reach and even surpass the 14,300-job mark in just three years.

NEINVER considers it essential to foster local employment in the areas where it develops its properties. Indeed, its close relationship with local authorities allows it to establish collaboration agreements to seek and hire staff for its centers, as was done for Coruña The Style Outlets, Zweibrucken The Style Outlets, FACTORY San Sebastian de los Reyes or the future center in France: Roppenheim The Style Outlets.


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