NEINVER celebrates its 40th anniversary (ES)

This year, 2009, NEINVER is celebrating it 40th anniversary. After four decades, the wholly Spanish-owned developer has become one of the leading players in the European Real Estate market. It is present in five countries managing a portfolio of 25 retail and industrial assets. In the last two years, the company has developed an average of 180,000 m²/year and invested more than €150 million/year.

The first solutions to be adapted to customer needs
Since its creation in 1969, the company's business model is based on the development of innovative, pioneering projects that have in all cases been aimed at finding and providing unusual solutions adapted to the needs and demands of its clients, and the locations in which they are based. In keeping with this approach, in 1970, NEINVER executed the first industrial parks in Derio, Basauri, Bakiola and Erletxe. The company revolutionized industrial development through its turnkey concept when it started to market customized projects that were adapted to meet the needs of each particular client.

At the start of the 1980s, the company opened its first business park in Spain, the San Fernando Business Park in Madrid. This park was hailed as "one of the top 10 projects in the world" (MIPIM), offering the country a new concept in business location.

Importing a new retail concept: The Outlet Concept
One of the company's business-drivers was the outlet concept, which it decided to import into Spain and later into Poland, offering a new retail formula hitherto unknown in our country through a new alternative channel to benefit both brands and consumers.

In 1996, NEINVER introduced the outlet concept in Spain with FACTORY Madrid Las Rozas. It now has four centers in Spain, and is in the process of developing the future La Coruña FACTORY center which is scheduled to open within one year.

The successful implantation of this business formula and NEINVER's excellent management model were decisive factors that also led the company to import the outlet concept into Poland. In 2002, the first outlet center was opened in the Polish capital, representing the start of the company's internationalization process. At present, it runs 11 outlet centers in five countries in Europe – four in Spain, three in Poland, one in Portugal, two in Italy and one in Germany.

NEINVER continues with its commitment to development and outlet management, and is, today, the leading operator in Spain, Poland and Germany and the third in Europe.

One of the most important pan-European retail funds
The company's evolution and experience during these past 40 years has enabled it to progress from being a national promoter, to being one of the key real estate players in Europe. This has been achieved thanks to NEINVER's capacity to cover the whole real estate cycle, including the purchase of land, development, marketing, positioning and asset management.

In 2007, the company went one step further and created IRUS EUROPEAN PROPERTY FUND, one of the largest, pan-European retail private capital Property Funds ever to be managed by a Spanish company. Irus Fund, with an aim of investment of €1.400 million possesses investments in five European countries supporting a solid position in the European real estate context.

Micropolix; a unique concept in Europe
The latest important innovation project set up by NEINVER was implemented in December 2008. Micropolix is a children's educational and leisure concept that is unique in Europe: a city made to scale where children can play at being grown ups and are encouraged to believe in important values such as equality, tolerance and respect for the environment.

During the first four months of 2009, Micropolix was visited by 200,000 children, which confirms the company's success in its bet on innovation and its specialization as a foundation stone for ongoing, solid, continual growth.

Looking towards the future
NEINVER has consolidated its position in Europe by developing more than 370,000 m² during th

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