NEINVER achieves BREEAM In-Use certification for its entire outlet portfolio (EU)

As a part of its commitment to sustainable retail property management and development, NEINVER has achieved a milestone after obtaining BREEAM In-Use certification for its entire outlet portfolio across Europe. This attainment has been a double success for the company, firstly because it guarantees that NEINVER management adds value to the assets in terms of eco-friendly standards, energetic efficiency and cost saving, among other positive improvements; and secondly, the company has spent less than a year in the process of certification of 14 centers, a very short period of time for this achievement.

In the last Mapic edition, NEINVER obtained its first BREEAM In-Use certifications for the six outlet centers that the company operates in Spain and Portugal. In addition, the company has now received the same certification for the seven outlet centers managed in Germany, Italy and Poland opened before 2012. Beyond this achievement, the company continues working in this area, not only in the operating centers but also in the design and building construction stages of its pipeline projects.

The commitment of NEINVER also includes the dissemination of best sustainable practices. In this context, NEINVER makes its expertise and knowledge in this area available to store operators. Nowadays, tenants are more aware of the importance of adopting eco-friendly store management habits and NEINVER is already working in order to help them to accomplish this goal by obtaining the BREEAM In-Use certification.

BREEAM In-Use evaluates both, building and management performances in all centers with more than 2 years’ operating activity.

On the other hand, Galeria Malta, one of the most important shopping centers in Poland with 55,000 m² of GLA and 168 units, has also been awarded with this certification. Currently, NEINVER retail BREEAM In-Use certificated portfolio totalizes 319,600 m² of GLA.

NEINVER’s Track Record with BREEAM

NEINVER is a pioneer in the adoption of BREEAM standards for the development of its retail assets in every stage of the project. As a result, the group has BREEAM-certified developments in the outlet centers in the Spanish cities of Seville, Getafe and Las Rozas.

Additionally, three NEINVER managed centers have been verified by BREEAM in their design and post-construction phases: FACTORY Krakow, Coruña The Style Outlets and FACTORY Warsaw Annopol. For further information about NIENVER BREEAM certificated portfolio:


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