NCC to modernize shopping center in Örebro for SEK 440m (SE)

NCC Construction has been commissioned by Steen & Ström Sverige AB to modernize Marieberg Centrum in Örebro. The order is worth approximately SEK 440 million (c. €44m) and will be implemented in the form of a partnering project.

Following the expansion of Marieberg Centrum during the autumn of 2009, it will become one of Sweden's largest and most modern shopping centers, with approximately 110 stores.

In total, the project comprises about 40,000 m² of retail space, including 10,000 m² of newly built space and some 30,000 m² of refurbished space in the existing center. Including parking spaces and landscaping, the order value totals approximately SEK 440 million.

It is estimated that the project will employ an average of 80 people during the construction period.

NCC Partnering is a structured form of cooperation in the construction sector, whereby the client, consultants and contractors jointly undertake a construction assignment. The method is based on open and trusting cooperation, in which the professional expertise of all of the parties concerned complement each other during all phases of the project.

The project will be registered among orders during the third quarter of 2007.

Source: NCC

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