NCC to launch a €150-million hybrid project in Hämeenlinna (FI)

The center of the City of Hämeenlinna is expanding and reforming due to an interesting deck project. Hämeenlinnakeskus, which will be built on top of a motorway, comprises extensive commercial facilities and approximately 200 apartments.


The shopping center component is due to be completed by the end of 2014.

The construction stage of the new shopping center will provide as many as 300 person years of work and after its completion, it will be the workplace of over 400 people.

The City of Hämeenlinna and NCC have cooperated on the development of Hämeenlinnakeskus for almost a decade. The appeals that have delayed the project have now been processed and it is time to start building. NCC will acquire the plots from the city and will be responsible for the planning, development, funding, sales and leasing of facilities as well as the construction of the project.

The shopping center, parking facility and the majority of the 200 apartments will be completed at the very center of Hämeenlinna by the end of 2014.

ʺThe center will now be even more significant, since buying power has increased and the steady population growth has created a stable foundation for the housing demand. For the city, this is a significant development project, one that affects the entire city center area and its services,ʺ says Juha Isosuo, Deputy Mayor of Hämeenlinna.

The overall value of the project is approximately €150 million, of which the share of the shopping center is over €100 million.

The overall area of the center will be approximately 83,000 m², of which the shopping center will account for approx. 37,000 m², the parking facility approx. 25,000 m² and the apartments approx. 21,000 m². There will be approximately 800 parking spaces in the center.

The shopping center will have approximately 26,500 m² of commercial space for rent, about half of which has already been rented. The largest tenants will be Anttila, Sokos and S-Market. Hämeenlinna ravintolat, Lindex, VeroModa, Jack&Jones, Vila, Only, Name it and Change have also signed leases.

ʺThere is a clear demand for this project and we are currently engaged in several agreement negotiations. Fashion and clothing sector entrepreneurs in particular have expressed interest, ʺ says Markus Salmela, Project Manager at NCC Property Development.

Source: NCC

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