NCC to develop city district in Solna (SE)

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A new detailed development plan will grant expanded development rights on NCC’s property, which comprises a total of about 90,000 m², half of which is earmarked for offices and half for housing units. This will facilitate the construction of a new densely populated urban city structure in Järva Krog, including three new neighborhoods featuring offices, restaurants, service and housing as well as the formation of new squares and a new street design.


In conjunction with its meeting on January 30, 2017, Solna Municipal Council approved a new detailed development plan for NCC’s Startboxen 1 property. However, the detailed development plan has not yet gained legal force due to pending appeals. NCC is working to address the requirements imposed and issues raised as part of this process and is, at this stage, hopeful that it will be able to commence construction on two office buildings totaling some 32,000 m² of leasable floor space in 2017. NCC itself intends to lease the majority of one of the office buildings that has about 20,000 m² of leasable floor space. NCC is now initiating preparatory work that may be conducted prior to the detailed development plan gaining legal force.


The project is being carried out in the NCC Property Development business area.


NCC’s objective is to minimize its environmental impact and add value for customers and society. With environmentally certified buildings, attractive workplaces and inclusive urban environments, the development of Järva Krog will play an important role in achieving the long-term ambition of having a positive net effect on the environment.


Carola Lavén, Business Area Manager, NCC Property Development said: “Our strength is developing urban environments where the overall concept contributes to the realization of a sustainable and attractive city district in one of Stockholm’s most dynamic hubs with close proximity to good transport links, workplaces, housing, service and recreation. We hope to begin work soon so that we can start making progress on this project.”

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