NCC to construct sports and cultural college in Lindesberg (SE)

NCC Construction Sweden has been commissioned to plan and construct a sports and cultural college near Lindeskolan in Lindesberg. The client for the project is Lindesberg Municipality through the municipal company Utveckling AB. The order is valued at approximately SEK 150 million (approx. €14 mln.) and will be executed as a partnering project.

The project includes construction of a new arena and refurbishment of part of the existing school into a cultural center. The new premises will be used for educational purposes and will offer opportunities for a variety of activities related to cultural and sports events.

"The project is significant to the development of the municipality. Creating a modern arena through public and private cooperation will boost the entire mining district and provide an attractive educational environment," says Lennart Jansson, Municipal Director in Lindesberg.

"We are delighted and proud to participate in the realization of a modern facility for education and culture. Our cooperative approach in all stages of construction fits in excellently with this type of project," says Henrik Landelius, Business Manager at NCC Construction Sweden, Eastern Region.

Work on the project has already begun and construction of the building will commence at year-end. The premises will be ready for use in early summer 2010. A total of some 50 people will be involved in the project.

Source: NCC

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