NCC to construct part of new Alvik-Solna section of Tvärbanan (SE)

NCC Construction Sweden has been commissioned to construct an extension of the Tvärbanan light-rail system in Stockholm; namely, the Solna branch, Phase 2. The client is SL and the assignment will be conducted in the form of a collaborative contract. The order value is approximately SEK 350 million (approx. €30 mln.).

The phase that NCC is to construct is from Ulvsundavägen to Solna Business Park, and is about 2.2 kilometers long. Along this section, two bridges will be constructed, including a shorter bridge over the Bällsta River and a longer bridge over the railway area in Sundbyberg. The light-rail link will be routed either directly beside busy roads or in mixed traffic, whereby the light rail cars and road traffic will have to share the same lane. Four street-level stations will be constructed along the route. The contract also includes traffic, pipe and cable rearrangement, as well as canalization.

"When the expansion of the Tvärbanan light-rail system is ready, public transport for the people who live and move about in the areas around Alvik, Sundbyberg and Solna will improve considerably. I am gratified that NCC will be participating in and contributing to such an important expansion of the infrastructure for the people of Stockholm," says Fredrik Söderholm, Business Manager at NCC Construction Sweden.

In total, the Tvärbanan system is being expanded by about 7 kilometers of track-bound traffic. The purpose of the system is to facilitate direct travel between densely populated suburbs in cases where this is not provided by subway or regular train links. When Tvärbanan's expansion is ready, travel between Alvik and Solna Station will take about 15 minutes.

Work will commence in August 2009 and continue for about two years.

The order value will be registered in the second quarter of 2009.

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