NCC to build new urban district in Staffanstorp for SEK 156 million (SE)

NCC has been commissioned to build a new residential area in the Åkershus district of Staffanstorp. The contract is worth SEK 156 million (approx. €18m) and the assignment will be conducted in a partnering format in cooperation with Staffanstorps hus AB, EcoScape Arkitekter and Byggledarna Hifab.

The project will be named Åkershus and comprise the building of 52 multi-family apartments, 18 row houses and 46 ground-level apartments, as well as some refurbishment of existing buildings in the Åkershus district. New parks, roads and car parks will also be constructed.

Construction is scheduled to start by August 2006 and the entire project is scheduled for completion by the summer of 2008. About 30 employees will be engaged in the project.

Partnering is a structured form of cooperation in the construction industry, whereby the client, consultants and contractors jointly solve the construction assignment based on a cooperation characterized by openness, trust and respect, and within which the professional skills of all of the partners complement each other in all stages of the project.

The project will be registered among orders during the second quarter of 2006.

Source: NCC

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