NCC and Sörmland County Council in strategic partnership on three hospital projects (SE)

NCC and Sörmland County Council have agreed to refurbish and extend three hospitals in Södermanland in a contract valued at about SEK 3 bln (approx. €325 mln). The partnership will commence immediately with planning and, within eight years, the upgraded hospitals will be completed in Eskilstuna, Katrineholm and Nyköping.
The contract comprises of the following hospitals: Mälarsjukhuset in Eskilstuna, Kullbergska sjukhuset in Katrineholm and Nyköpings lasarett. The Sörmland County Council have chosen to upgrade these three hospitals as part of a strategic partnering arrangement with NCC. This means that all planning and implementation for the project will be conducted jointly.
At Mälarsjukhuset in Eskilstuna, which is the single largest part of the project, some older premises will be demolished, others upgraded and new premises built. The combination of new construction and upgrade will also be applied at the Kullbergska sjukhuset in Katrineholm and at Nyköpings lasarett.
Ongoing call-offs will be carried out in pace with the start of projects within the framework of the agreement. The first parts will be registered and started in September 2015.
Source: NCC

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