NCC launches world-leading residential production plant (SE)

NCC is starting up the manufacture of apartments in an innovative plant for residential production at Hallstahammar, Sweden. The construction period will be halved, quality enhanced and the entire production process will be conducted in-doors. As a result of this unique technological leap in industrial construction, it will be possible to build personal apartment blocks at a lower cost than today. The concept is called NCC Komplett (NCC Complete).

What is happening at Hallstahammar is unique. The traditional construction process has been replaced by a state-of-the-art order-controlled industrial process for the manufacture of residential units, whereby 90 percent of the building is produced in a factory.

Complete from the factory
The factorys 60 operators can produce fully complete kitchens, walls, floors and ceilings for up to 1,000 apartments annually. The finished modules are then transported as flat packages in covered trucks to the assembly hall, where four (4) fitters and an assembly manager join the components into apartments. The fitters will complete three to five apartments per week.

By installing insulation and conducting surface finishing on site, the freedom of choice in terms of energy performance and appearance is enhanced.

The construction period is halved and costs reduced. The industrial process facilitates planning and leads to a better work environment, increased efficiency, more efficient logistics, lower purchasing prices and improved quality controls. It is a completely weather-protected process without any risk of damp-related problems, says Alf Göransson, President and Chief Executive Officer of NCC.

Personal buildings rather than type buildings
In contrast to other industrial construction systems, NCC will not work with choice-limiting serial type buildings. Modern 3D technology and leading-edge production processes will provide the customers architects with considerable latitude in efforts to create personal and attractive multi-family dwellings.

Rental rights are the winners
Lower construction costs and the ability to design buildings according to customer requirements make NCC Komplett (NCC Complete) an attractive alternative for apartments based on rental rights.

Our launching of NCC Komplett (NCC Complete) has improved the potential to build attractive, personalized rental rights, Alf Göransson adds.

Investment of approx. €35 million
NCC is investing approximately €35 million (SEK 300 million) in Hallstahammar. During 2006, about 200 apartments will be produced. The first residential building is already on site in Hallstahammar, while Eskilstuna and Sundbyberg are next in line. NCC has already received orders for approximately 600 apartments for production in 2007.

Source: NCC

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