NCC to construct 150 new apartments for €31.14 million in Aarhus, Denmark (DK)

NCC has been commissioned by the project development company Bricks to construct 150 apartments in the new Frederiks Plads area in Aarhus, Denmark. The order is worth SEK 285 million (approx. €31.14 million).
NCC has been commissioned by Bricks to build 150 two and three-room apartments, with work scheduled to commence during this autumn. The apartments are expected to be ready for occupancy in summer 2016. “This is a project that we have very much been looking forward to. We have constructed several striking buildings in both the city center and in the new port area and it will be exciting to see how Frederiks Plads will harmonize with these,” says Klaus Kaae, Business Area Manager of NCC Construction Denmark.
On completion of the project, Aarhus will have another new central district, linking the city center with the port. With its prominent buildings, Frederiks Plads will create a more cohesive center in Aarhus and will thus contribute to the continued development of the city. The idea behind Frederiks Plads is to create a new space in the city.
“This is an exciting year for Aarhus, in which the city is developing and taking on a new shape. As always when working with the development of a city, it is important that new projects are balanced against the existing city. That is exactly the idea underpinning Frederiks Plads,” says Klaus Kaae, Business Area Manager of NCC Construction Denmark.

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