NCC to build new depot on behalf of SL for SEK 284 million (SE)

NCC has been commissioned to construct a new multi-purpose hall for the Greater Stockholm Public Transport Company's (SL) service vehicles in Stockholm, which is scheduled for completion in September 2015. The order is worth SEK 284 million (approx. €32 million).

“In collaboration with SL, we can continue our focus on Stockholm’s public transport. Public transport is crucial for the residents of Stockholm and a key feature of Stockholm’s future social development,” says Fredrik Elmgren, Business Manager, Buildings Stockholm, NCC Construction Sweden.

The new multi-purpose hall is for SL’s service vehicles for track maintenance of the subway grid. The project pertains to a new depot hall for maintenance cars. The hall, which will comprise 17,000 m², will include a storage area, space for storing vehicles and a repair workshop. The new hall will be located at the Hammarby depot, to which the current operation will be relocated from the Slakthus area. Work is scheduled to commence in April.

The depot hall is a multi-purpose hall for SL’s track maintenance and will be the exit point for all service vehicles that perform maintenance work on the subway system at night. The assignment also includes laying tracks to and into the new hall, as well as a signal system. The work will be conducted in the form of general contract and employ a total of about 60 people.

The order totaling SEK 284 million will be registered in the first quarter of 2014 in the NCC Construction Sweden business area.

Source: NCC

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