National computer corporation (NCC) and PNK Group sign largest deal in Russia industrial market (RU)

National computer corporation (NCC) has signed an agreement with PNK Group for the purchase of a class A+ warehouse complex of more than 58,000 m² in industrial park 'PNK-Vnukovo'. B.I.D.S. company Ltd represented NCC throughout the whole deal process, while Knight Frank represented PNK Group. The delivery of the asset is planned for the start of the second quarter of 2013.

According to NCC President Alexander Kalinin, the decision to invest in purchasing of the new warehouse spaces was driven by two reasons.

"First of all, sustainable growth of the holding's companies business, which constantly surpasses the growth of the market, requires additional resources in all spheres – from staff and finance and up to office and warehouse real estate.

"Secondly, new warehouse volumes will become additional point of revenue generation. In the market there is still a deficit of vacant spaces which will be relevant in the nearest several years according to the opinions of the analysts.

"Therefore National computer corporation plans to use new spaces for organization of a logistics complex and providing leasing services to the companies of the holding as well as to the external organizations," said Kalinin.

According to experts from Knight Frank, PNK Group's product is the most liquid in the industrial real estate market today.

"In spite of the current reinforcement of the second wave of crisis expectations, the number of deals with the objects of PNK Group continues to grow. We saw a stable demand for PNK Group product during the crisis of 2008.

"Consumers understand that quality high-liquid warehouse will provide significant savings in terms of operational costs and will directly influence the effectiveness of the core business of the company which is especially important in the period of general instability," said Deputy Director of Warehouse and Industrial Property and Land Department at Knight Frank Anton Repin.

According to B.I.D.S. company Associate, Maxim Shakirov, this deal is the largest among purchasing of the industrial property objects by end-users in the Russian market for the last several years.

"The unique aspect of this deal is that National computer corporation was the first in its segment to carry out a project of such volume in the format build-to-suit. The success of the deals in such format is possible only when one side is ready to listen to the requirements and expectations of the other side, to be flexible and ready for compromises.

"Such a format will allow National computer corporation to get a modern class-A warehouse complex, which will fully correspond to the plans of the holding," adds Shakirov.

In this project PNK Group uses a whole range of technological solutions in order to meet the specific business needs of NCC. In particular, it is architecture of the building including service centers, workshops and zones for special storage, as well as special ramps with high level of asphalt at the ground for comfortable unloading of small-tonnage transport.

"PNK Group strategy is investment in the building and development of our own industrial parks at the optimal directions from the point of view of logistics. It allows us to offer customers the full assortment of products in the sphere of industrial real estate in accordance with their individual needs, thus in fact creating 'industrial buildings shops'," said Executive Director of PNK Group Oleg Mamaev.

According to Kirill Malyshev, Associate of B.I.D.S. company, PNK Group was chosen as a partner thanks to their experience and amount of fulfilled projects, as well as the fact that PNK Group is ready to take serious responsibilities regarding terms and quality of construction and has never violated them in its history.

"One of the major problems of clients of industrial real estate in Russia is exceeding of agreed terms and budgets of projects. In order to control quality, terms and prices of construction PNK Group concentrated in itself the whole production cycle: investment, development, construction, p

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