National Association of Pension Funds Robin Ellison to chair IPE event

Mr Robin Ellison, Chairman of the UK National Association of Pension Funds is to chair the forthcoming IPE Forum & Awards in Amsterdam on June 1st. The IPE event promises to be very worthwhile from an investors perspective, with interesting topics being addressed by a wide variety of speakers. From the investor side there will be case studies from SPF, the Dutch RailwayFund and Doctors Fund Nordrheinische Aerzteversorgung in Germany. The Real Estate Club approach to investing by Danish Funds is a topic. In the evening the Awards ceremony will honour investors and service providers for their achievements in the sector - full programme below.
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09.00: Introduction: Ashley Nield, Editor, IPE Real Estate.

09.10: Chairman's opening remarks: Robin Ellison, Chairman, NAPF (National Association of Pension Funds - UK)

09.15: Valuation: Can you trust it? Will it prevent the full globalisation of real estate? What has gone wrong with valuation in Germany? Globally, how can we overcome the problem?

The Amsterdam Hilton, the venue.

> Dr. Neil Crosby, Professor of Land Management, University of Reading

09.45: Maximising Alpha: Where does tax fit in the equation?
> John Forbes, Head of Real Estate & Tax, PWC

10.30: Coffee

11.00: Asset Allocation Game: How do/should pension funds handle asset allocation to real estate across the different approaches of core, value added, developing joint-ventures and opportunity. The Asset Allocation Game is geared to stimulating genuine debate within a framework which should also be fun.
> Moderator: Dirk Soehnholz, Managing Director, FERI
o Core: Dr. Georg Reul, Member of the Board, IVG Immobilien AG
o Joint Venture: Philip Barrett, Director, Pramerica Real Estate Investors
o Value Added: Robin Goodchild, European Head of Strategy & Research, LaSalle Investment Management
o Opportunity: Jim Green, Global Head of Marketing & Client Relations, Citigroup Property Investors

12.15: Infrastructure: Is this sector destined to become the new real estate gold rush? Around the world, governments need to develop or renew infrastructure but lack the resources to do so and the political will to raise taxation, hence the huge opportunity for public/private and private partnerships. Should infrastructure become a major part of your real estate allocation?
> Georg Inderst, Independent Consultant

12.45: Lunch

14.15: Pension fund case studies: making the most of real estate in your portfolio allocation.
o Case Study: Recent developments in real estate investing in the Netherlands
>Peter van Gool, Deputy Director Real Estate, SPF Beheer B.V.
o Case Study from a German pension fund
>Hermann Aukamp, Director, Nordrheinische Aerzteversorgung

15.00: Coffee

15.30: Have open-ended fund vehicles lost their credibility? Will the new REIT Structures replace them or complement them? Panel & questions.
> Moderator: Eberhard Walz, Managing Director, WalzConsult
- Joseph Cannon, Head of Project & Strategy, Church Commissioners for England
- Hans Wilhelm Korfmacher, Managing Director, WPV pension fund

16.30: Presentation: Hunting in packs: institutional-led purchasing vehicles for small funds to aggregate their investments. How do they compare with private funds?
> Soren Schjoedt-Hansen, CIO, Finanssektorens Pensionskasse

17.00: Chairmans closing remarks: Robin Ellison, Chairman, NAPF (National Association of Pension Funds - UK)


19.30-22.45: D

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