Nacka and NCC in strategic partnership for more schools and sports halls (SE)

Over the next six years, NCC and the Municipality of Nacka will cooperate to develop and build in total 14 schools, preschools and sports halls in the expansive municipality. The total potential order value is close to SEK 2 bln (approx. €213.3 mln) over six years, with a possible extension to a total of nine years.
The Municipality of Nacka needs to remodel existing schools, preschools, sports halls and premises for cultural activities, and to invest in new premises for educational, healthcare and sporting activities.
The cooperation between NCC and the Municipality of Nacka encompasses a total of 14 projects and will take the form of strategic partnering, a long-term collaborative format, where the participating companies implement an assignment in close cooperation and with the best interests of the project in mind.
The partnership agreement also includes several solutions for social sustainability.
The partnering agreement will extend over six years with an option to extend for three years. Order registration will take place in pace with procurement of the projects, following decisions by the Nacka Municipal Council. The partnership will commence in August 2015.
Source: NCC

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