Multi Vastgoed and ABN AMRO develop second 'Koopgoot' in Rotterdam (NL)

Multi Vastgoed is developing a second 'Koopgoot' (lowered shopping mall) in Rotterdam in collaboration with ABN AMRO. It will be the biggest inner-city (re)development project in the Netherlands. The estimated investment value is €300 mln. The design has been produced by T+T Design, Multi's in-house design office, which was also behind the design of the well-known Beurspleintraverse. It will be a lively semi-covered area, comparable with the extensive Sony Centre in Berlin, for example. Top architect Rem Koolhaas from O.M.A. was brought in to give shape to these plans and they will now be developed further through collaboration with T+T Design.

The new development will turn Rotterdam city centre into the most prestigious inner-city area in the Netherlands. This fits in with the plans of Multi Vastgoed, ABN AMRO and the authorities in Rotterdam to develop Rotterdam further into a modern cosmopolitan city.

The second 'Koopgoot'
The ABN AMRO tower on the Van Oldebarneveltplaats and the former Jungerhanspremises on the Binnenwegplein will be demolished. The monumental low-rise building of ABN AMRO on the Coolsingel will be fully integrated in the new plan. In order to be able to realise the plans, Multi Vastgoed has already taken over ownership of the Jungerhanspand and Multi Vastgoed will be acquiring the ABN AMRO buildings on the Coolsingel/Van Oldebarneveltplaats.

In the new plan, a link will be created on different levels between the main shopping locations in Rotterdam city centre: the Lijnbaan, the Binnenwegplein and the Beurspleintraverse (or Koopgoot) previously developed by Multi Vastgoed. The second Koopgoot will provide a shopping area covering approximately 20,000 m². The plans include at least two towers along with the monumental ABN AMRO office, which will provide 45,000 m² of living, work and leisure space. ABN AMRO will hold a prominent position as the tenant of both office and retail space in this new part of the city. Rotterdam city centre is not finished yet and this will bring a new transformation with architecture, which fits in with Rotterdam's reputation as a city of architecture.

According to Marcel Kokkeel, director of Multi Vastgoed, the project will create a high-quality, multifunctional shopping area, which also fits in with the philosophy of Multi Vastgoed regarding sustainable development in inner cities. "If you are talking about sustainability, the most important step is to start with the public space. If you now turn this neglected and set back area into a pleasant and cohesive public space, then that is a lasting development. The creation of lowered shopping mall under the Coolsingel is an excellent example of dual use of space and we are going to apply this principle again in the new shopping area."

Multi Vastgoed is in consultation with the Rotterdam authorities regarding the conditions for their cooperation. There was a very positive initial reaction from the Alderman for Housing and Urban and Regional Planning Hamit Karakus to the proposed developments to this important part of the city by a party, which has already proven itself in Rotterdam city centre with the development of the highly successful Koopgoot. Alderman Karakus is enthusiastic about the top-level architecture and sustainability, which will be realised by Multi Vastgoed in its ambitious plans. The plans will improve the A1 shopping area in Rotterdam and provide additional housing in the city centre for various target groups. The plans, which Multi Vastgoed has developed, fit in with the ambitions presented in the vision of the city for 2030, which has been drawn up by the city authorities. Work should be able to start in 2011 so that in 2013, Rotterdam will have the most modern, cosmopolitan city centre in the Netherlands.

Source: Multi Vastgoed

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