Multi signs shareholders agreement with Gdańsk Municipality to develop Hay and Crayfish market (PL)

On April 27, 2012, the Consortium of Multi Development Poland Sp. z o.o. and Multi Corporation signed the Shareholders Agreement with the Municipality of Gdansk regarding development of the area of Hay and Crayfish Market in Gdansk.

Forum Gdansk - Gdansk - PL 005 ART

The investment, under the name of Forum Radunia, is located in the very heart of historical Gdansk.

After signing the Preliminary Agreement - Shareholders Agreement and Articles of Association on October 14, 2010, MDP received a positive opinion of the Architectural-Urban Concept by the Pomeranian Historic Preservation Officer (PHPO) in December 2011.

Multi also concluded the Settlement with the companies from PKP Group (Polish Railways).

The competition for the development of Hay and Crayfish Market was announced by the Mayor of Gdansk in September 2009. Multi was selected by the City out of 12 developers.

The investment, under the name of Forum Radunia, is located in the very heart of historical Gdansk, one of the most important cities in Poland. With 456,000 inhabitants, it is the sixth most populated city in Poland and part of the TriCity agglomeration of 1.2 million inhabitants.

Forum Radunia, due to its central location, will provide direct access through the Integration Hub in Armii Krajowej Street to the planned new bus and tram stops as well as the stops of the Fast Urban Railway. The investment will encompass the area of 5.5 ha.

"This investment will completely change the Hay and Crayfish Markets. It will change Gdansk itself. A totally unique and appealing city center will be created which will refer to the history. I am happy that such an experienced and credible company like Multi is our partner. I am convinced that together we will meet the expectations of the Gdansk people," says Pawel Adamowicz, Mayor of Gdansk.

The main goal of the development is to revitalize and strengthen the inner city of Gdansk by creating a multifunctional downtown city center, connecting retail, entertainment, culture, services and office space as well as a car park accessible for public.

The concept, by Multi's in-house architectural design company T+T Design, recovers historical urban lines and integrates the monumental Radunia Canal. In this way the history of Gdansk is part of the new development. T+T Design's plan is based on a combination and integration of individual buildings, streets and squares, all developed with the high quality that Multi's inner-city projects are known and awarded for.

A crucial part of the whole investment is to also accomplish the public objectives; such as construction of Heritage of Pomeranian Region Museum Building, development and modernization of technical and road infrastructure that will improve the existing and future passageway of two significant and crucial interchanges and construction of Nowe Podwale Grodzkie street.

The PKP Fast Urban Railway in Tri-City will build a new stop, with a working name Gdansk Srodmiescie, so as to provide direct access to the public space including squares and boulevards which will be created. Developmen

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