Multi signs letter of intent with Zaans Medisch Centrum for development of Zorgboulevard (NL)

Multi Vastgoed recently signed a letter of intent with Zaans Medisch Centrum for the development of a 'Zorgboulevard' (Health Care Boulevard) on the hospital site in Zaanstad, near Amsterdam.

The Health Care Boulevard and Zaans Medisch Centrum will together form a care hub for the Zaan region. A single location will be home to a choice of healthcare facilities in the fields of medi-care and lifestyle, possibly along with other consumer care or care-related facilities. There will also be space for retail, including a large supermarket and associated parking space.

The hospital grounds cover 80,000 m² in total. Between 2,000 and 5,000 m² have been earmarked for the Health Care Boulevard.

The renovation and replacement activities began in 2006, and according to current planning, construction will be completed in 2011. The final phase will see the realisation of the Care Boulevard, a large supermarket, and car parking facilities.

The development of the Health Care Boulevard is part of the master plan and 'townscape quality plan' that has since been approved by Zaanstad municipality. Zaans Medisch Centrum and Multi Vastgoed aim to draw up the final joint venture agreement within three months.

For Multi Vastgoed, this acquisition forms part of a new business line involving the realisation of real estate around important care centers. Hospitals in particular offer opportunities due to their large number of visitors and the changes taking place in healthcare provision. Multi Vastgoed aims to create attractive urban areas close to hospitals in which a mix of facilities are brought together. Care-related functions, private care and separable components of hospital care can be combined with consumer-focused facilities such as shops, cafes and restaurants, (sheltered) housing and offices. All of this is based on the philosophy that the socialisation of care and changes in financing places the hospital in a different position within society and demands greater integration with the town or city. By clustering care facilities together, strong economic poles can develop that attract visitors from a large area. Multi Vastgoed is already working together with Dordrecht municipality and the Albert Schweitzer Hospital on a 'Health Park' in Dordrecht focusing on health and sports.

Source: Multi

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