Multi opens Centrum Galerie in Dresden (DE)

Multi Development has realized a shopping gallery comprising a total retail area of 62,000 m² spread over four floors with around 1,000 parking spaces. Centrum Galerie focuses on upmarket offerings and major brands to support the Prager Strasse, which is already the most important shopping street in Dresden, regaining its big city shopping boulevard characteristic, whilst simultaneously creating direct access to the old part of Dresden.


Centrum Galerie was awarded the highest sustainability rating ever issued in Europe.

Retail brands with significant positions in Centrum Galerie include Peek & Cloppenburg Weltstadthaus (10,000 m²), Media Markt (6,400 m²), Karstadt sports (3,600 m²), Müller Drogerie (3,450 m²), Dutch fashion brand; The Sting (2,900 m²) and Next (1,500 m²).

Centrum Galerie has a frontage of around 180 meters facing the Prager Strasse and its exceptionally spacious entrance area catches the flows of passers-by. In July 2006, T+T Design, Multi's in-house masterplan designers issued a competition relating to the design of the facade that was won by the architectural office of Peter Kulka. The Dresden architect's design integrates the intake of pedestrian flows as well as incorporating the existing building alignment on the Prager Strasse.

Kulka's concept cleverly reflects the historic sensibilities of the citizens of Dresden through the structure of the building, both with respect to the relief as well as to the changes in materials, whereby the original facade design elements of the former "Centrum" department store were appropriately incorporated.

Greenest shopping center in Europe
Centrum Galerie was awarded the highest sustainability rating ever issued in Europe, "Excellent" by BREEAM, the standard used by the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers). The design of various areas of the building and application of the most advanced technologies all contribute to protecting resources. The use of high-quality materials and optimized building design reduce the heat transfer loss by 40%, compared to EnEV 2004 requirements.

Substantial roof greening reduces the effluent coefficient of rainwater and provides a rooftop park for the day-care centre. Photovoltaic panels have been installed to provide part of the energy needs of the centre. Further energy efficiency measures include; comprehensive lighting management system; LED lighting; maximisation of day-light use; energy saving mode on escalators, among others. Centrum Galerie also features a 2,000 m² children's day care center. Capital expenditure amounts to around €290 million.

Source: Multi

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