Multi opens 175,000 m² Forum Istanbul, the largest shopping mall of Europe (TR)

Forum Istanbul, the largest shopping and lifestyle center in Europe was opened on November 17th. Generating employment for 5,000 persons, Forum Istanbul aims to draw 25 million visitors per year and realise an annual turnover of €500 million. Forum Istanbul consists of 495,000 m² total construction area, 175,000 m² rentable space, 265 national and international brands at Bayrampasa, Istanbul. It is the seventh project in Turkey and the first in Istanbul of Multi Turkmall.


The construction of Forum Istanbul was completed with a total investment of €750 million.

Forum Istanbul, the foundations of which were laid on May 24th, 2006, was developed under the guidance of Euro Hypo. The construction of Forum Istanbul was completed by a total investment of €750 Million during the global economic crisis.

The grand opening ceremony of Forum Istanbul was spectacular. Turkey's Minister of Culture and Tourism and the Mayor of Bayrampasa joined Multi's International and Turkish management in celebrating this special occasion. Video art and son et lumiere illuminated the presentations, while the cloth-climbing, dancing acrobats, concerts and illusionary shows were enthusiastically applauded by the 1500 visitors.

Two big exhibitions
Forum Istanbul intends to play an important role also in the cultural, artistic, entertainment and social life of Istanbul, and has already started to host national and international events. The "50 Years with Barbie and Lego Exhibition", exhibited in more than 40 cities and appreciated by millions of visitors, has opened in Forum Istanbul. The exhibition, which will remain open until January 24th, 2010, features hundreds of Barbie dolls and giant sized Lego installations.
Another is the Fish in Color Exhibition. This will remain open until December 17th, 2009, and showcases the work of Sculptor; Server Demirtas and his team. The exhibition, constituting 20 gigantic colored fish, reaches up to 3 meters and is displayed in the halls and the gallery spaces of the shopping mall.

Goal of 25 million visitors a year
Generating employment for nearly 5,000 persons, Forum Istanbul aims at drawing 25 million visitors a year, realizing a turnover of €500 million. The masterplan was designed by T+T Design, Gouda, The Netherlands, and features highly original architectural design and stunning works of art. Forum Istanbul is conveniently located at the junction of the E5 and TEM highways and has its own Metro station.

265 stores on 175,000 m²
The 2 largest anchor tenants of Forum Istanbul are IKEA and Turkuazoo, the first giant aquarium in Turkey covering over 8,000 m². Forum Istanbul hosts 12 major anchor brands, including Praktiker and Tepe Home, on its 46,000 m² home decoration court. There is an 11,500 m² technology court, embracing Saturn, the Germany–based leading consumer electronics brand, as well as leading national brands such as Teknosa and Bimeks. It also hosts 62 national and international top clothing brands including large stores such as Boyner and YKM, C&A, Marks & Spencer and Zara as well as other women's wear, kid's wear and lingerie brands and 19 differen

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