Multi Development to redevelop the former Ticosa industrial area in Como, Italy (NL/IT)

Multi Development (formerly AM Development) has won the public tender for the most important redevelopment project in the Municipality of Como in the former Ticosa industrial area. Today, the Committee of the Municipality of Como issued the formal announcement. The project comprises a redevelopment of a 42,000 m² area located at the city gates of Como, Italy.

Mr Mauro Mancini, Managing Director of Multi Development-C Italia says, that the project complies with all requirements specified in the tender. The scheme meets various demands of the city of Como: firstly, it creates a new road system which favours the reconnection of previously separate urban areas with a low environmental impact; secondly, it guarantees a multifunctional character of the area, integrating residential, commercial, and office structures with existing cultural features.

The masterplan of T+T Design, Gouda, The Netherlands, gives the project an exciting design, being contemporary, in a city which has already seen creations of an architect of international standing such as Mr Giuseppe Terragni. Start of operations is foreseen for Autumn 2006.

Source: Multi Development

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